Continental Cup sets the stage for final four

Day 3 of Continental Cup action proved the elite wouldn;t go down without a fight. (November 18).

In group D; Sheffield knocked off Kurbads 4-2. John Armstrong had 2 assists for the Steelers. Yunost Minsk took down Rungsted 2-1. Alexander Kogalev had 2 goals for Minsk.

In group E; Hungarian side DVTK Jegesmedvek Miskolc lost 3-1 against Ritten.  Nomad Astana continued their tear beating Grenoble 4-0.

Sheffield Steelers. Yunost Minsk, Nomad Astana and Ritten Sport all will advance to the final round in January.

This tournament proved the Kazakhstan and Latvia produce legit talent in impressive leagues and the best sometimes do fall as Grenoble and Rungsted both failed to make it to the finals.

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