Best rinks in the ACHA

Club hockey? Laugh out loud, right? Well the ACHA is proving that the league of beauties is providing a much different college hockey experience then close to 75 per cent of NCAA D3 schools. That difference is simple: fans, facilities, pride. Ask anyone playing in front of thousands of fans at University of Arizona, Liberty, Minot State, UK etc, these teams have true followings of players with a passion for the game. With three divisions in the ACHA to date, I’ve ranked just a few of my favorites.

Division 3:

It’s a tie and I hate ties more than anyone. But with two schools putting out top notch atmospheres and barns, ACHA D3 has players feeling like they own the school.


University of Georgia


Saginaw Valley State University


Another toss up here with some great schools from USU to FGCU, but two stand above the rest.


University of Kentucky

berglund center dave maxey (600x450)

Virginia Tech


This is where the elite stand out, with Ohio, Minot State and UNLV all being top notch, but not quite the best.


Liberty University


University of Arizona

Honorable mentions:

The SEC Savannah Hockey Classic is the most pro style atmosphere that many college players would ever play in and the ACHA has this in Division 3?????


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