Top hockey towns: Part one

When people talk about hockey towns and cities what comes to your mind?

Mine ever since I was little goes straight to the place I see have the most dedication to the game and that’s the Spengler Cup.  One of the most underrated events in the hockey world due to being shadowed by world juniors has to be the Spengler and anyone who follows this tournament knows why. The amount of skill, competition and overall experience make this a must see experience in a town of roughly 11,000 people.

Now anyone can fill a rink, chant loud or have a new fancy barn, but Davos Switzerland is the best of everything the game has to offer. A classic home in the Vailliant Arena, passionate fans for the home club HC Davos and the beauty of a ski resort village. What else can you ask for? Cheap beer at games, crazy supporter sections and you get to see some of the best NLA action as it continues to prove to be one of Europe’s elite leagues.

Why is it the best? Well to put the top notch city over the top is the historic Spengler Cup which seems some of the top European hockey clubs come to Davos over the holidays to play in a tournament against the home team HC Davos and a Canadian club made up of some of the best Canadians playing in Europe. The competition is unrivaled by any cross border competition and in tournament format, this is the best in the world.


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