Round Robin Recap: World Juniors

There’s never a boring day in the World Junior Hockey Championship.

From upsets to snowstorms, Buffalo has proven to be one of the more interesting tournaments in recent history, but they’re also making news for the wrong reason. Just to get this out of the way early, the attendance has been pathetic and every hockey fan within three hours should be ashamed. Makes the game’s less exciting to watch when there’s 5000 empty seats in the bottom bowl and the kids have no one to celly with. Buffalo we’re not mad….. just disappointed.

This year’s round robin was something else though. Upsets on day one as the Czechs knocked off the Russians, the Slovaks upset the Americans on day three in front of an empty Key Bank Arena and the classic new years eve Canada vs USA game was snubbed for a Dec 29th game outdoors in the middle of a snowstorm. Anyone who watched that game has to understand the frustration from the common hockey fan; the game was sloppy (not the kids fault), the camera angle was brutal to watch on TV (thanks TSN) and another shootout decided a hockey game which isn’t hockey its an all-star competition.

Quarter-finals are set though and there’s two must watch games.

🇨🇦 vs 🇨🇭 Meh. Canada by 10.

🇨🇿 vs 🇫🇮 Two mediocre teams with skilled players and under performing goalies could make this an instant classic.

🇸🇪 vs 🇸🇰 Meh. Does Slovakia really have another upset in them? I highly doubt it but would love to be proved wrong.

🇷🇺 vs 🇺🇸 Boom goes the dynamite. The Americans may just be shaking in their boots a bit after seeing the Russians almost knock off the Swedes on the last day of round robin play. Two more highly skilled teams with goaltending problems. If you’re betting on this one, you’re safe to take the over guaranteed.



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