Olympic hockey preview

The main spectacle at the Olympics is bound to draw in a ton of viewership even despite the non NHL line-ups, but you have to think of it from another perspective.

For some of these small countries who’ve never had a legit chance to compete with the hockey powerhouses they get that added boost knowing they won’t have to face Crosby, Kane, Lundqvist, Rinne and Ovechkin. I think these countries and their supporters will be more tuned in than ever because even Canadians don’t know what to expect from our team. We know they’ve got a ton of previous NHL experience, but all that gets tossed out the window in a one game winner takes all format.

As we discussed on this weeks show, we don’t see the round robin being the most exciting of all time, but here’s a few games you may want to wake up for or if you’re a high tech loser you can use PVR.

Thursday Feb.15 7:10 a.m. EST Canada vs Switzerland

Friday Feb.16 10:10 p.m. EST Canada vs Czech Rep

ALL OF SATURDAY Feb.17 The South Koreans, Germans and Slovenians all have their best chance of the tourny to pick up a win. Plus, USA vs Russia is at 7:10 a.m. EST.

Sunday Feb.18  7:10 a.m. EST get both your tv’s ready, Canada vs South Korea on one and Finland vs Sweden on the other.

Cody’s tournament predictions:

Gold – Canada

Silver – Finland

Bronze – USA

Adam’s tournament predictions:

Gold – Sweden

Silver – Russia

Bronze – Canada

Follow us on Twitter for updates during the Olympics @worldhockeyrpt and keep up with Cody and Adam as well!


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