Most disappointing teams 2017-18

Negativity is required when it comes to these dumpster fire teams. 

There’s been a lot of teams disappoint fans this season from all over the world and really some pathetic performances/efforts all round. This really shouldn’t need that much explanation but simply put these teams shit the bed.

1. Sparta Prague

What a bomb. You don’t even need to follow European hockey to realize how bad they were this season. 10th place, one point away from the relegation round and oh ya, they’re the biggest and richest club in the Czech Rep. How do you mismanage a team and budget so bad that you miss the playoffs in a league that you basically run? Well, you sell the team to a former goalie who ditched the team for more money in other countries then returned to finish out his career and become the gm before becoming the owner. Now he’s nickel and diming the team to try pocket more and his team won’t even make playoffs. Too funny, but for a team with 16 wins this season I can’t believe they’re still averaging the most fans in the league. Pathetic for the Extraliga

2. Edmonton Oilers

Where to start. McDavid has had some bright spots this season and that’s it. Cam Talbot could try stopping the first shot of the game, Leon Draisaitl & RNH don’t even know what line they’re on or what position they play. All round it’s been a horrid year, but what’s the worst part? They don’t look like they want to be out there. The effort is down and no one looks to be fighting for a spot because they know the farm team is weak and PC is scared to make a trade, because if he makes one more bad move he’ll get run out-of-town. Have fun with the new stadium.

3. Kunlun Red Star/Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk (try pronounce that one)

The KHL decided that at the end of the season they would be chopping some of the bottom teams so they wouldn’t have to continuously bail them out. Kunlun joined the team in 2016 as China gets ready to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. So far it’s been a mess, from low attendance, to not having a home rink and horror travel stories, this has been a massive bust. The team has people dumping millions of dollars (or rubles) into a corrupt KHL market, where they’re paying these big name players to come play with horrid local players just to try improve the domestic talent for the Olympics. Well sorry but Alexei Ponikarovsky , Andrei Kostitsyn, Brandon YipWojtek Wolski, Lucas Lessio, Kyle Chipchura, Gilbert Brulé and Magnus Hellberg clearly aren’t doing the trick if you’re only winning 15 games a season. Yugra’s been a piss poor excuse for a team also, SEVEN wins in a season is hardly acceptable for dumpster fire Junior C team, but in a 60 game KHL season they’re just hot garbage. Stop wasting money on these teams. My goodness. 

4. HC Orli Znojmo 

The outlaw team that could never get promoted to the Extraliga, then moved countries and leagues to Austria has just been a slow decline. After a finals appearance a few years ago, it’s been a straight downhill tumble to the tune of an 11 win season. The quality of North American imports they continue to bring in never ceases to amaze me after countless failed tries. Their only player with more than a handful of NHL experience has 12 points this season and their KHL experienced D man got cut in the German second league before putting up a whopping four points so far in his return. This team is in need of a major shake up or maybe just try compete in your own country and swallow your pride in the WSM Liga

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