Poulin relief effort helps Canada stave elimination

You could pull 30 story lines from Canada’s win over Finland, but one stood out.

When Scriven’s left the game in the second period with an apparent upper body injury, I can’t lie, my confidence dropped off a cliff. Finland had been putting on pressure for most of the period and despite the lack of shots, the quality opportunities they produce are top notch.

Kevin Poulin comes in cold and within three minutes of stepping in the blue paint he’s making himself a contender for highlight of the night. To be that mentally engaged to step in against a top 5 hockey power and calm the game down like KP did is incredible.

It shouldn’t come as a shocker to most who watched the Spengler Cup, because he was phenomenal then and hasn’t missed a beat since.

Let’s not forget the other huge plays though, Wolski and Bourque had some incredible shot blocks, Noreau’s huge shot from the point coming through clutch again, Chris Lee is the best defensive defenceman in the tournament, Derek Roy with one of the prettiest defensive plays you’ll ever see poking away the puck late in the third before clearing it out of the zone on his ass and lets not forget Scrivens held the fort on a few questionable penalty kills for Canada early.

Incredible 1-0 win in the QF is huge, but it’s far from over. Germany has upset the Swiss & the Swede’s, if Canada tries to sleep walk through the Deutsche they’ll be playing for a bronze quicker than you can blink.

Also, fun fact I put a picture of Poulin up as my pregame photo last night clearly knowing he would be a huge part in the win. So follow me on Twitter, @Janner31_.

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