World Hockey Report NCAA D1 Rankings Week 22

#WorldHockeyReport college puck rankings

1. St. Cloud (Tie and W vs Denver)

I said it when I first started putting out these rankings and I’m kicking myself for second guessing. No one can keep up with St Cloud when they’re firing, not even a team with two Olympians and two future NHL stars (cough cough DU).

2. Northeastern (pumped UNH twice)

Northeastern also is pulling my chain a bit based on the fact that no one can score like them. I know defence wins championships like all cliche coaches will say but Northeastern’s offence will scare the shit out of you.

3. Minnesota State (Win and tie vs Bemidji)

4. Denver (tie and loss vs St Cloud)

They can compete with the best, not confident they can beat them.

5. Ohio State (Wins over Wisconsin)

Good team, good coaching, strong season. Not sure anyone is going to want to face the Buckeyes in regionals or the Frozen Four.

Honourable mentions: Cornell, UMD, Harvard and North Dakota

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