ACHA D1 bracket predictions

ACHA D1 nationals start today in Columbus! You can watch all the games here.

March Madness takes a new turn this year as we go through the ACHA D1 brackets.

Round 1:

Davenport vs U Buffalo

UNLV vs Drexel

Stony Brook vs Pittsburgh

Arizona vs Missouri State

Round 2:

Lindenwood vs Davenport

Robert Morris IL vs Iowa State

Ohio vs UNLV

Illinois vs Jamestown

Adrian vs Stony Brook

Central Oklahoma vs Liberty

Minot vs Missouri State

Michigan Dearborn vs Colorado University

Round 3 (quarterfinals):

Lindenwood vs Robert Morris IL

Ohio vs Illinois

Adrian vs Liberty

Minot vs Michigan Dearborn

Round 4 (semifinals):

Robert Morris IL vs Ohio

Adrian vs Minot

Round 5 (finals):

Minot vs Ohio

Minot wins 2-1 in OT

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