Who is this year’s Frozen Four darkhorses

If March madness basketball wasn’t enough for you then you’re in luck!

College puck playoffs is only days away and the bracket couldn’t be any more unpredictable. With how the season ended I think everyone is questioning the top teams, but also wondering how good some of the auto-bid teams are.

Now I’ve been asked a handful of times already “The obvious choices to win are the 1 seeds, but who’s going to surprise us?” Well, I’ll tell you for free there’s no UMBC in the puck tourney (what type of stupid name is ‘Retrievers’?! That’s horrible. Top 5 all time.)

Teams that I have enjoyed watching this season are St Cloud and Northeastern. Now in saying that, both of these teams have flaws and it comes in major consistency concerns. Both have a very good opportunity to make it to the frozen four, but if I’m picking underdogs right now I’ve got two in mind.

  1. Princeton – Who? Ya we’re not sure either, but these kids can play. This team wiped the floors with Brown, handled a very solid #16 Union squad, defeated #1 in the Northeast Cornell and #3 in the East Clarkson JUST TO GET TO THE DANCE. Folks this team is hot and Ryan Kuffner could finish with 40 goals.
  2. Boston University – This team was the definition of just above par. With a .600 win % and a sad home record, if one team is thankful to be in the tournament its the Terriers. Don’t get me started on how good Brady Tkatchuk is, but this team defeated U Conn, BC and Providence on the way to a Hockey East title. I love the difference makers this team has on the blue line (Fabbro, Krys, Hickey) and if they can get past Cornell LOOK OUT.

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