Broncos or Pats?

There has only been one close game in this series, which could scare off Swift fans in Game 7.
Game 1: 3-0 Swift
Game 2: 2-1 Regina
Game 3: 4-1 Swift
Game 4: 6-3 Regina
Game 5: 5-2 Swift
Game 6: 7-2 Regina
Game 7……………. Could this series be any more up and down?! Only one close game this series, very shaky goaltending and 22 powerplays over the past TWO games. This game is going to be exciting. How I see it, both teams top guns have done just fine (Regina: Steel 9pts, Hebig 7pts, Leschyshyn 5pts (Swift Current: Steenbergen 10 pts, Gawdin 9 pts, Heponiemi 8 pts), but secondary scoring has not been consistent or easy to come by. With the Pats winning the lone “playoff intense” style game (Game 2), they will have the advantage for some as they’re in a pressure free atmosphere on the road.  The #4 team in Canada is on the verge of losing out in Round 1 after buying the menu at the deadline, which does add some extra pressure. Obviously count on a Skinner vs Kubic battle, but for the Broncos to advance they’ll need to get Gennaro and Malenstyn going because a combined four points and a dash seven from these two isn’t helping the cause.
Swift city better get up now because with a loss tonight, a playoff drought is in the headlights.
Regina is looking to prolong their season and avoid that dreaded 50 day break before they host the Mem Cup.

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