Frozen Four by the numbers

Is there anyone from the prairie junior leagues in the Frozen Four?

Surprisingly yes, there’s eight players who’ve spent time in the AJ, SJ and MJ. Now that doesn’t seem like anything to write home about, but realistically it could be worse. Going through the rosters of the teams the main thing that stuck out was the amount of Minnesota High School kids. These kids are all over the damn lineups.

No league in Canada is as well represented as the BCHL which should be a no brainer. Nick Deery (UMD) is the lone MJHL player. From the SJHL there is Benjamin Patt (UMD) and Blake Young (UMD). The AJHL has five alumni including Parker Mackay, Nick McCormack and Sammy Spurrell at UMD. Kevin Miller and Sasha Larocque are the two other berta league alum at Ohio State.

So if you’re a fan of watching guys with prairie ties play I’d suggest watching the University of Minnesota Duluth vs Ohio State semifinal tomorrow.

Online link to watch the game here.

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