Why the Boston Bruins will win the cup

Hot take x2 coming.

The Boston Bruins will be the 2018 Stanley Cup champions, based on the fact no team in the league can match them completely with skill, speed, toughness and goaltending.

I really don’t think Toronto’s young guns pose much of a threat to the B’s, playoffs is a different season and Game 1 proved to be a major reality shlacking

In round two they will most likely get Tampa Bay, a team that has played them tough all season, but Boston won 3/4. The defence of Boston was able to shut down the high-powered offence of the Lightning, plus they found ways to score against a good, but young goaltender. 

Conference Finals: CC @penguins  see paragraph above. Bruins took 2/3 during the regular season including a dominant 8-4 win, which really proved they can play with anyone in the league however the game goes. 

In the cup final they could really face anyone in the West and matchup pound for pound. Boston’s top six is as good as they come (I’d put them up there with Winnipeg), if the defence can shut down the Bolts and Pens, good luck Western Conference and when Tuuka Rask is on his game he’s one of the best “steal-a-game” goalies in the league. 

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