Why the LA Kings will win the cup

Attention: hot take coming.

The Los Angeles Kings will be the 2018 Stanley Cup champions, based on the fact they have the easiest road to the cup. Simple as this….

Their first round matchup will be a tough battle against a consistent Vegas squad, but if they can get past the Golden Knights they will then face a Anaheim of San Jose team that is bound to be beat up if age and history have any say here. 

Assuming they face San Jose in the second round, the Sharks did win three of the four in the regular season so they should have the advantage. The success of Evander Kane in the first round could make the Sharks offence content and that is a shining light for Johnny Quick to steal a few games. 

Once the Kings get to the conference finals, they’ll get Nashville or Winnipeg. Similar to the second round, the Predsand Jets could be two of the best teams in the league so a grueling seven game series will tire out who ever they face. Giving guys like Brown and Doughty an opportunity to get back to the Cup will have them licking their lips and no chance they disappoint. 

The Eastern Conference will likely be a Boston/Tampa vs Pittsburgh matchup and from there it really doesn’t matter who gets in. The Kings (of old) have handled both offensive (NJD) and defensive (NYR) teams on route to Stanley Cups, so I wouldn’t worry too much about who they face in the finals, because if they get there, they won’t be leaving without another ring. 

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