Philly needs a new goalie and a potential star is available

The Flyers goaltending sucks and playoffs exposed them like a gunless cowboy. 

Philly used three goalies in one series against Pittsburgh, they were all bad. Mrazek posted the best save percentage at an astounding .857SV%. 

Now when the Flyers signed Elliot this summer, Flames fans were howling with laughter. I’m not a “numbers don’t lie” guy, but Elliot’s career is heading straight south and if you want to take a look at the stats they will back me up. The Flyers are the definition of “good not great” and their goaltending follows that to a tee. 


So where do they go from here?

The rumours flying around about Mikko Koskinen are heating up and I think they Flyers would be stupid not to toss their name in the hat. Mrazek is a decent back up, Elliot can’t play consistent in the Playoffs and Neuvirth hasn’t played more than 32 game in a season since 2011. 

Koskinen is in his prime at 29, he’s massive at 6’7” 210, He’s a two-time KHL champ, double silver medalist at the World Championships with Finland, posted a .932SV% at the Olympics, had his best season ever at SKA with a 1.57GAA & .937SV% and he got a taste of the show when he was in his early 20’s with the pathetic Isles. 


Philly needs a serious shake-up and bringing in a guy like this who has the potential to be an instant game changer could be what those limp broad street bullies need. If Mikko can give them 3-4 solid years to give Carter Hart some more time to develop in the minors, I think they can figure out a problem that’s haunted them for ages.

Also….. how tough is Couturier?! Played with a torn MCL, unreal.  

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