Boring first round ends with Leafs laying an egg

What a way to go out.

An .829SV% for Frederick Andersen and a 7-4 loss was Leafs’ fans worst nightmare.

After two huge wins over Boston, Toronto seemed to gain enough confidence to roll out of round one with an upset, but that wasn’t the case. The B’s played as sub-par as they could through 40 minutes, faked out everyone in North America and then roasted Jake Gardiner for a dash five.

The Leafs have a young team so I wouldn’t look too much into the struggles, but I’ll tell you for free Andersson ain’t winning a cup and Toronto’s D is no where near elite (Hello Doughty).

Also let’s not forget the pride of Aneroid Sasky, Patty Marleau, the borderline grandpa was nasty tonight dishing out saucer passes and bingo’ing twice on Tuuka.

End of the day we only saw one “upset” in round one (San Jose over Anaheim). It was all-round a less than thrilling start to the 2018 playoffs, but I’ve got high hopes for round two.





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