IIHF is a joke and their recent suspensions proved it

There’s a big difference between a suspendable offense and “poor sportsmanship”.

Lias Andersson throwing his medal over the glass? Sure, give him a game.

But how stupid is the iihf???? They suspended Andersson for four games. That’s not even the worst part, the suspension is for the 2019 World Junior Hockey Championship.


They can make whatever excuse they want to try justify these suspensions, but the fact that Rasmus Dahlin (most likely won’t be at the tournament but still) got two games, could actually affect attendance at the tournament. If I’m going to watch any non-Canadian team I’m going to watch star players from other countries. If it’s not Mongolia vs Uzbekistan I really don’t care the outcome, I just want to see Dahlin turn the Slovaks into pretzels.

I’ll end this with a quote from the iihf on the suspy.

“To be ‘frustrated’ by the loss of a game is not the right attitude, even at the player’s age.”




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