Chilliwack Chiefs fire head coach nine days before RBC Cup


The RBC Cup host Chilliwack Chiefs have fired head coach Jason Tatarnic, less than ten days before the national championship tournament begins.

This is wack, you have to be an absolute idiot to get canned a week before the RBC Cup. I can’t imagine the stupid shit you’d have to do for a team to even think of firing you that close to the tourny!

I mean, the guy was a point per game stud in his playing days in Holland, plus he was the HC/GM of the Chiefs for the past four seasons. They were a top team in the league for 3 of the 4 years he was there too.

Now I don’t have any dirt on this guy other than a couple of rumours from Twitter, but with a short release like this from the team I have to assume something is going on behind the scenes. If this comes out that he was summer stocking the clear or drinking the blue gato without captains permission the CJHL is losing all creds.

None the less, these clowns are now hosting the RBC Cup with a new coach, lost the first round in seven games and is on the verge of being embarrassed in front of what little fans they have.

Good ol junior hockey.

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