Is everyone blowing the Marchand lick out of proportion?

Now before I get roasted for saying I’m backing the Bruin, hear me out.

I don’t support what Brad Marchand did in any way shape or form, but you’re kidding me if you think he should have been suspended. At most, a fine for the second one would have been sufficient, even though an easy solution would have been for Komarov or Callahan to pop the kid in the face. The refs ain’t giving Marchand the benefit of the doubt in any scrums so why not give him a freebie. 

Now the worst part about this could be how the media reacted. Hearing CBC, Sportsnet, NBC and other national news outlets calling this sexual and workplace harassment is unbelievable. You’re going to try put an on ice action in the same category as something that serious. If you want Marchand to act like a pro maybe they could try doing their part as well, it’s not just the fact they tried to blow this out of proportion, but for our nations “finest” they sure did a piss poor job at covering this. 

I %100 think it’s a “play” that shouldn’t be apart of hockey, but how are you going to stop it? Maybe call in a guy with stones to take a round out of Marchand. It sucks you may get shorthanded for a couple of minutes and maybe even lose a game. The real difference will be noticed when he can’t see out of his swollen eye and is wearing a bubble to protect a broken jaw. 


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