We get 7 but who wins?

The Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets were the 2 best teams in the Western Conference this year, Sorry Vegas but they were. The 2 teams played the most exciting regular season games and this series has been the best one so far. It seemed pretty easy to pick this series to go the distance and that’s what we’re getting, Game 7.


While it seemed easy to predict this series to go 7, good luck picking a winner that you are 100% confident in. The series has been very close but there are a number of factors that could determine who moves on to the Conference Finals.


The biggest X factor in this game is Pekka Rinne. In losses he has a save percentage of .885 but in wins he has a 0.959. He has played quite poorly in the losses and got pulled in Game 5 but came back strong with a shutout in Game 6. The probable 2018 Vezina winner could decide this game.


The X factor for Winnipeg: Remember Patrik Laine? He has 1 goal in his last 9 playoff games and looks increasingly frustrated. In Game 5 he only managed 13 minutes and didn’t record a shot when the Jets won. In Game 6 when they were shutout he went -2 and only managed 2 shots on goal. He’s been close to scoring numerous times in this series but will need a big Game 7 performance, which is probably the biggest game he has played since the 2016 World Junior Gold Medal on home ice, which he won.


Prediction: It seems like the Jets have bounced back better than anybody all year and they showed a lot of character to go and steal game 5 in Nashville after an awful Game 4 at home. I’m going to say they do the exact same and win this game 4-2. Laine scores the game winner and the Jets add an empty netter.


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