Why Major Junior players shouldn’t be paid more

If you want to listen to former junior players trying to screw over owners go ahead, but don’t be a complete idiot and only hear one side.

When I hear 60-year-old former OHL burnouts using the terms “criminal, poverty and non-ethical” to describe major junior teams not paying their players more it’s sickening. You have to be some scuz to think these players are living in poverty, or unhappy with the opportunity they’re getting. 

I’ve never heard of someone turn down an opportunity in the WHL since they “weren’t getting paid enough.” These guys get treated like gold. If you want to see the junior hockey that should be shut-down, look at tier 3 juniors in the states and pay to play juniors in Canada even. Clowns can’t even put together a self-sufficient team. 

Picture this, you’re an 18-19 year old hockey player. You aren’t forced to play hockey, if these guy want to skip on junior hockey or even hang up the skates they’re welcome to. These guys have all their expenses covered, plus they’re getting paid pocket-money to play the best game in the world. It’s literally what 99% of minor hockey players dream of. 

So you’ve got a problem with the owners making money? Hockey’s a business. If you’re mad about junior hockey not paying these jack asses must be fired up about the NCAA. The CHL is flipping the bill on players schooling, so the guys are getting paid before school and getting a free education after juniors if they don’t make the jump to pro hockey. If these teams have to pay every single player minimum wage, I’d expect 20+ teams to fold based off released revenues.

Yes I understand it’s big business for some people, but being mad at someone for being a successful owner is something my seven-year-old cousin would do. I don’t know what the OHA was like in the 70’s, or what would motivate a 60-year-old man to write about how unfair junior hockey is, but I’d recommend talking to some current players instead of a few suitcases who couldn’t cut it in the league (with a combined dash 91) and are probably trying to blame the owners and coaches for “not getting a fair shot.” 

Grow up and enjoy the game like it should be


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