NHL draft profile: Daniel Kurovsky

Teams looking for a big winger might want to give this kid a serious look.

Daniel Kurovsky is a 6’4 Czech wingers who’s spent the past two seasons in the WSM (Havirov) and Extraliga (Vitkovice) playing against men in his home country. Now this may make some scouts questions his North American comparisons, but I wouldn’t be fooled by his point totals as it’s much like young Swedes playing in the SHL.

Kurovsky at 214lbs isn’t quite a Jagr style player….. but the kid is big, loves driving towards the net and is super creative with the puck.

Kurovsky has constantly been around or over ppg in his national junior leagues, but with the seniors the 1998 born forward is still getting adapted.

I could see Kurovsky coming and spending time in the AHL, but if he can make things click in North America I would set the ceiling as a very strong second line power forward who can put the puck in the net.

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