NHL draft profile: Nando Eggenberger

Say that name ten times fast…..

Swiss born speedster Nando Eggenberger could be a name that falls later than expected in the draft. The 6’2 youngster from Chur has similar comparisons to Nino Niederreiter, who’s from the same hometown. Similar size, similar junior numbers and offensive potential I could see him being a steal of a deal for one lucky team.

The HC Davos winger has a hell of a shot and loves to put his nose to the net.

The 18-year-old is expected to fall to the 2nd-3rd round, and if a team can pick up Nando in the 3rd that could be a massive addition in the near future.

My prediction would be that Eggenberger is three years away from the NHL, but once he get’s his shot, he’s a player well adapted for the new style league and I could see him putting together a lengthy career.

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