This Hoffman situation is stupid

If the NHL was trying to get on ESPN or even TMZ they’ve succeeded.

After this whole Mike Hoffman debacle, I can’t imagine what fans who are just getting into the game are thinking. This guys fiance is reportedly a crazy psycho scumbag and multiple teams have traded for him! Now this may be an extreme, but you didn’t see NFL teams trying to acquire Ray Rice. Humanity has to come into this at some point and people do make mistakes, but if Hoffman had any idea this was going I feel bad for the last team that ends up with him in this stupid game of hot potato.

I do hope for the best, that he didn’t know and will ditch the baggage in Ottawa so he can keep playing, but if true , guy might as well book his ticket to Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk Novokuznetsk ASAP.

End of the day, Monika Caryk seems crazy, Doug Wilson played everyone like a fiddle and Mike Hoffman is turning his phone off for the next three weeks.



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