P&R’s: Czech Republic

Volume 1 of promotions and relegation’s makes a stop in the Czech Republic.

Now I’m a huge fan of the P&R system as it forced bottom end teams to compete night in and night out, it also makes the bottom leagues more interesting. So I took a look at who’s moving where in the Czech Rep.


17/18 champion: Kometo Brno (thanks to Martin Erat)

Promoted: HC Karlovy Vary

Energie is back up with the big boys. After a short stint in the WSM for the clubs first time ever, they seemed to have enough of a taste and said that’s enough. With a tendy like Filip Novotný, they’ll become an instant middle of the pack team.

Relegated: HC Dukla Jihlava

Their time at the top would be considered a fail. Money spent in the wrong places such as mediocre Norwegians and non impactful Canadians basically sealed their fate and booked a one way ticket to the WSM.

WSM Liga:

Promoted: HC Poruba

After years of trying to buy their way out of the Czech 2.liga, Poruba finally is getting their glory. The club has been trying to join the Polish league since the begging of ice, they had a short stint in the 2000s where they were in the 1.liga but they were the kicking stone of the league. They should have budget to compete immediately but you really just never know.

Relegated: No one

Thanks to teams financially folding of recent, the league didn’t have to relegate anyone for the second straight year.


Now this is weird….. HC Most folded at the start of the season due to financial issues from the previous season in the WSM Liga. They built a Czech4 team in Most “Mostecti Lvi” and got promoted back up to the 2.liga. Cluster to say the least, but hey anything goes in the east! Jakub Čmolík, former Great Falls American is proving to be a nice addition to his hometown squad helping them get out of the Krajske liga real quick.











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