Chris Kunitz turned down the chance to play with McDavid

It’s not everyday you hear of players turn down the chance to play with the best player in the NHL… until you realize you have to live and play in Edmonton.

For a guy who was the little picture on TSN in a trade for Ryan Whitney, it’s incredible the amount of success he’s had. Rumours coming forward now are saying that four-time cup champ Chris Kunitz (Sasky guy) had the chance to play on a western Canadian NHL team, but turned it down due to the team having garbage defence **cough cough Edmonton.**

Step right up Peter Chiarelli, you helped build a team so bad that a 38-year-old winger (former SJ guy) turned it down. Kunitz was a leader in Pitt, a guy who knew something about winning, something the Oilers could severely use, but after having a number of first overall/high first round draft picks, it amazes me they can’t build a D core. I mean trading the league MVP for Larsson (could be a third pairing guy in a few years pending the development of Bear and Bouchard), maybe wasn’t a trade to brag about in hindsight….. but realistically I can’t see this defence core being a top five western conference lineup in the next decade.

Maybe when McDavid is in his prime and scoring four goals a game, keeping pucks out of your net wont matter as much, but don’t hold your breathe. If Chris Kunitz ripping your teams D isn’t a wake up call you’re in for a rude awakening Oilers nation.

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