Nikita Kucherov ain’t worth $9.5 mil

Tampa paying $9.5 for Nikita Kucherov who leans heavily on his teammates and is relatively unproven when games get tough is laughable.

Good points per penny of course (for this year and maybe next), but tell me 70+ per cent of that didn’t have to do with his teammates, Hedman, Stamkos, Point, Johnson, Killorn, Gourde, Sergachev. The Lightning had top five powerplay opportunities in the league (let’s balance that credit out across the forwards), where “Kuuuuuuch” had almost 35 per cent of his points. He had eight even strength points in playoffs, (absolute ghost mode vs Holtby) where he was a dash six with only six shots in the final three games of the series. Anyone who kicks players with skates on is A: A bitch B: Not worth his weight in dog shit.


Now let’s look at his recent stats. Kucherov has almost 40 per cent of his career points on the powerplay…. I could feed Stamkos and Namestnikov one-tees and pocket 20 apples a season on TB’s powerplay. “Star” players in that 8.5-11 mil price range aren’t even close to that. Think of how much of a wagon Tampa has been for a few years now, this guys a +37 in three seasons on a team that’s won an average of 47+ games each season.

Compared to other players it’s laughable. Don’t give me the whole right-winger debate, I’m taking Blake Wheeler over Kucherov any day, maybe even Voracek (who I guarantee you would have 100+ if he was on Tampa). It’s hard to compare him to Kessel, Kane and Brown because they’re all aging players who got rewarded with a fat paycheck for winning the damn Stanley Cup.

Putting Kucherov in the same category aav as Malkin and Ovechkin is just insane…. Say that out loud and just listen to how stupid you sound. I know top centers are hot commodity and deserve to get paid more, but having a winger who’s in the same pay scale as Anze Kopitar is stupid. Name me one aspect of Kucherov’s game that he’s a top 5 NHLer in?!

Buuuuuuuut he’s such a clutch goal scorer….. Brayden Point had 12 gwg for Tampa

Buuuuuuuut he’s such a great playmaker…… #21 in even strength assists

Buuuuuuuut he’s such a threat every time he’s on the ice…… #70 in plus minus



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