My favourite Razor moments

RIP Ray Emery, a true legend between the pipes.

Razor was a real personality when it came to goaltenders, but my favourite part about watching him was he didn’t take shit from anyone, and didn’t care what people thought.

Remember the 2006 Stanley Cup Finals?? Emery was an absolute beast for the Sens. One of my favourite goalie duals of all time. That diving back paddle save was something I tried to copy as a kid hundreds of times.

Taking out some of that 06 anger on Marty Biron. What a friendly guy to beat the pulp out of, plus Razor would have fought the entire Sabres bench if he wasn’t wearing tendy gear.

The amount of pims and fights Josh Gratton has is almost uncountable, but Ray Emery welcomed a tilt with the super heavyweight without thinking twice.

He had some great interviews, especially after crazy old school practices that have disappeared from today’s game.

Even at the end of his career, his glove was still pretty damn fast.

And if you don’t go out with a bang, beating the wheels off a now Stanley Cup champion did the trick to be remembered.

I think Kyle Dubas said it best on Twitter.





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