Colleges that should have NCAA D1 hockey teams

Now I took some inspiration from Barstool Sports’ recent blog, but I think a few schools need to be in consideration.

Alabama, Louisville, Kentucky, USC and Oregon are all solid choices and all easily ahead of the joke called NCAA D3. I’m not trying to call out Mike Grinnell, but he definitely missed some clear targets.

The entire SEC could become NCAA D1 teams, Smashville is massive and it’s only a matter of time before the Vols hop on the college puck wagon.


Georgia has an unreal barn, better than at least 5-10 current rinks in D1 hockey, plus they actually get fans, something Sacred Heart, American International, Bentley, Niagra, Brown, Canisius and Robert Morris struggle to attain.


North Dakota State University, they already play in Fargo, have a beauty rink in their backyard and c’mon, who wouldn’t want to see UND vs NDSU in hockey. That rivalry without a doubt would be on par with BU vs BC.

Virginia (or that knock off Western part) needs D1 hockey. I don’t give a shit if its V Tech, WVU or Liberty, but lets get this done because if there’s one thing these hicks like it’s cheap beer and guys on ice beating the piss out of each other.

University of Arizona. This is a no brainer, we need more hockey in AZ, brings on a rival for ASU and the fellas can show up to the rink in flops.


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