Canada waxes the floor with Switzerland in Hlinka Gretzky Cup opener

Despite an early goal being called off, the Canadians stomped on the Swiss.

Kirby Dach’s goal 50 seconds into the first period was called off due to a kneeing penalty (thanks Krebs?), but that didn’t slow down the home soil squad.

Ottawa 67’s forward Graeme Clarke opened the scoring off a friendly bounce off the end wall to put Canada up 1-0.

Seven minutes into the first frame, Ryan Suzuki snuck one through Sascha Ruppelt to double the lead.

Jakob Pelletier had enough space to send a Snapchat before burying Canada’s third goal of the game.

Suzuki sets up Cozens who puts the biscuit shelf, 4-0.

Maybe Switzerland should stop taking penalties…… 5-0, thanks Xavier Parent.

CYA Ruppelt.

Sherwood Park’s Mathew Robertson gets in on the shooting derby.

Touchdown Maxence Guenette.

Krebs has another.

Can we skip the third? Straight time? Maybe? Please IIHF?

Nope. 9-0, Dach on a two on one.

I guarantee you Team Canada’s heard “don’t get any bad habits” so many times they’re ready to take a knee and run out the clock.

Maier is probably pissed he had to face a breakaway against Switzerland.

Lol Canada can’t get 10….

Ahhhh there it is. Double digits, congrats Krebs.

Maybe the females have it right with the four nations cup. Hate seeing countries like the Swiss and Bulgaria getting embarrassed in international competition.

Final: Canada 10 – Switzerland 0


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