Don’t throw Koskinen under the bus just yet

Edmonton Oilers’ goalie Mikko Koskinen didn’t impress anyone in his first start.

The 30-year-old borderline NHL rookie (yes I know he played years ago with the Isles) had Dillon Dubé living rent free up in his Finnish head all night.

Atleast they won right?

Look, Oil fans are going to shred this guy to pieces because that’s just what they do for fun. But how much do you actually weigh Koskinen’s first NHL preseason start against a group of kids while playing behind a group of inexperienced D men.

I understand the goals he let in were shit, they’re brutal goals that an NHL goalie shouldn’t be allowing, but it’s preseason people. He hasn’t seen game action since his KHL season ended in APRIL.

I get the big 6’7″ tendy comes at an even bigger price tag of $2.5 mil, but let’s not forget the fact that his counterpart at the other end David Rittich looked lost at the Saddledome last night also. I really think Koskinen can come around and push Talbot for starts come December/January IF the Edmonton faithful let him.

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Photo credit Jeff McIntosh / THE CANADIAN PRESS.

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