Tom Wilson does not deserve a 20 game suspy

What a joke.

I know Tom Wilson has a history and he plays on the edge, but give me a break. Rarely does someone deserves to be suspended a quarter of a season for an open ice hit.

In hockey, you hit to hurt. Everyone does it, why else would you skate full speed at an opponent? What I really don’t get, is Max Domi socking a guy in the face while the play isn’t even near him, and it doesn’t get him one regular season game?!?!? Such a fraud.

Either open up the trolley tracks or start teaching kids to cut across the middle and try get hit hard to draw a major penalty and a big suspy.

Wilson losing over 1M is the least of worries (nice little 5 sheet signing bonus), losing the game of hockey should be. You know why those hits slowed down five years ago? Because guys dumped the puck since they knew if they put their head down, cut across the middle, tried a fancy tie drag or admired their pass, they’d get the snot knocked outa them by an opponent playing to win.

NHL player safety, what a joke.

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