Elias Pettersson has the Calder Trophy locked up already

Although the future is pretty dim for the mediocre Vancouver Canucks, a Swedish stud is making games worth watching.

One word that comes to mind when you watch Elias Pettersson is “wow”. He’s a fifth overall pick, SHL MVP & Champ, World Champ and now he’s on pace for 123 goals this season and 205 points.

Pettersson is making Boeser, Horvat and the other shmuks in Vancouver look like scrubs. He’s never been a pure goal scorer (even with five tucks at the WJC), but he’s learning his shot could be one of his deadliest weapons. The Ange IK product has hockey sense that’s up with the McDavid’s and Crosby’s of the league and it’s a shame he’s in a Canucks sweater.

There’s no point in watching the remaining 80 games Canucks fans, Elias Pettersson is your 2018-19 NHL Calder Memorial Trophy winner.

But can someone please find this kid a smaller damn helmet? Thanks.

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