Auston Matthews is a defensive liability

The ZSC Lions have built a defensive liability.

Auston (who spells Austin like that) Matthews is one of the best offensive forwards in the NHL. We’re way past the Matthews vs Eichel debate, and now on the McDavid vs Matthews conversation after the kid from AZ has made a mockery of NHL netminders this season.

16 points in 7 games is nothing to joke about, but the fact he’s only a +1 is baaaaaaaad.

I get that the Leafs defence core is brutal and Freddie isn’t a top 10 goalie in the NHL. So how on earth can Matthews be a +1?!?!?! (Don’t try blame it on 5 pp points) After his first 5 games of the season, he was a -1 with 12 points…… yikes.

Thankfully he’s been a plus player in his last two games to get him out of the hole. The leafs have 24 five-on-five goals for and 20 five-on-five goals against. In the big picture, Matthews’ on ice goals against in all situations for 60 minutes is 4.6. At 18:27 of ice time per night, that ain’t good… at all. He’s on the ice for basically half of all Toronto’s goals against and don’t get me started on how mediocre he is on the draw, but hey at least he isn’t as big of a liability as $31.5 million Nikita Zaitsev.

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