Palmieri might score 50 this season

Kyle Palmieri is off to a blazing start this season, and somehow he has zero assists.

At least someone is pulling that dead weight of league MVP Taylor Hall. The FORMER Oilers superstar Hall has 0 tucks in four games this season.

Thankfully for the NJD, Palmieri has been a scoring machine. Seven goals in four games, that’s more goals per game than Matthews, McDavid, MacKinnon and Ovechkin.

Palmieri also is the first player ever to open the scoring in all of his teams first four games to start a season. Plus he’s the third player ever to have powerplay tucks in every single one of his teams first four games.

The 2009 Ducks first rounder has a season high of 30 bingos in 15-16, I’ll bet the farm right now he beats that this season.

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Photo credit – Bruce Bennett

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