Legend Jordin Tootoo retires

What a career for Jordin Tootoo.

Arguably one of the most intimidating medium-weight power forwards, Tootoo decided to hang up the skates last week.

He was a fourth round pick by the Preds in 2001, had over 90 fights, 1000 pims, over 150 points and he has to be considered in the hardest hitters of all time conversation.

It’s impossible to summarize everything the first Inuk to make the NHL went through, but his mental toughness is incredible. He truly has an inspiring story and I’d highly recommend reading ‘All The Way: My Life on Ice’.

Tootoo was one of the most exciting western league players of all time, tallying 200+ games and really making a name for himself with the BWK (105 bingos).

In the NHL he was no slouch, from big hits and timely goals, he was one of the most respected guys to step on the ice.



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Photo Credit:Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

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