John Tortorella hates the NHL and I don’t blame him

The National Hockey League is going soft and John Tortorella isn’t afraid to admit it.

“There’s no hate and I miss that…. Yeah, it frustrates the shit out of me, quite honestly.”

Now maybe soft isn’t the right word to use here, **cough cough Tom Wilson cough cough** but there’s no way to disagree with Torts’ quote.

Guys don’t hate each other anymore and that’s the number one reason I turn off NHL games now. I’d say almost 80 per cent of regular season games lack intensity and even though I love seeing Crosby undress the Oilers, I’d rather watch Crosby and Giroux at each others throats with Flyers and Pens fans chirping. Heck, the Habs and Bruins don’t even have a rivalry anymore and the battle of Alberta is dead.

So Torts is completely fair to make that assessment. I wouldn’t say Tom Wilson hates Oskar Sundqvist, or Mike Matheson hates Elias Pettersson, but that’s because most guys grow up seeing each other every summer at camps and events or are up till 3 a.m. playing Fort Night with guys they’re lining up against the next day.

From a players perspective I get it, I’d rather not have my brain beat to a mush if it’s not going to affect the amount of money you’d make, but from a fans perspective, these low intensity, fake rivalry, lackadaisical regular season games are getting boring to watch.


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Photo Credit:Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

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