Who else but the Sens…..

At first I was thinking #BoycottUber may be coming… but the more I think about it, this shouldn’t surprise anyone the Ottawa Senators are in the middle of this drama.

Here’s the video for those of you who haven’t seen it:

Now before I start on my tangent I’ll include this…. Thomas Chabot, Dylan DeMelo, Matt Duchene, Alex Formenton, Chris Tierney, Chris Wideman, and Colin White, issued a statement on the incident: 

“We want to apologize publicly to Marty Raymond, our teammates and coaches for our comments in Phoenix Arizona on October 29. Our private conversation was recorded without our knowledge or consent. We’re passionate about our team, and focusing on growing together. We are grateful for the support of our fans and organization. This is an important learning experience, and we will do better.”

  1. What type of scumbag Uber driver posts this for one, but I also hope everyone goes back to using normal taxis, because that’s messed if they can just record you for fun.
  2. “Do you notice that when (Raymond) runs the video, if you actually do pay attention, he doesn’t ever teach you anything? He just commentates what’s happening…. I also hate how he quizzes us…… No, please ask a question, just so he says ‘great question.’” – Wideman. Maybe asking more questions could help when you’re a -7 in 14 games.
  3. “Why do we even have a meeting? I haven’t paid attention in three weeks,” – Duchene. 23 goals doesn’t make up for being a -23 last season. Maybe that’s why the Avs had no problem dishing you out.

Now I know they’re all capable elite NHL players, you just have to give them a hard time if they’re even thinking about trying to blame an assistant coach for their performance. I don’t know who Marty Raymond is, but c’mon, all players make fun of their coaches.

It’s 2018 and everything is basically public knowledge so these guys just got the raw end of the stick. Do I think the players are in the right to rip into their coach with a random Uber driver a foot away? No, that’s stupid. But do I think the Uber driver should have released the video? No, that is as scummy and classless as it gets.

End of the day, I think this is pretty minor for the tire fire Sens who have had so many bigger issues in the past year.

Seriously though, what type of rating would you give your driver after this?

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