Ken Hitchcock hates Ty Rattie

It’s not uncommon for coaches to hate a certain players.

Think Babcock and Commodore…. ok maybe not on that extent.

But with Ty Rattie being a healthy scratch again and only playing three minutes a night when he’s in the lineup, it’s clear Ken Hitchcock hates him.

Now who’s to say it’s a personal issue or performance issue, but Hitch did his best to bury Rattie in St Louis, so Oilers fans shouldn’t be surprised.

The former 32nd overall pick and junior stud played 29 games for Hitch in St Louis. He only had 4-4-8 and never truly proved (in that short time frame) he was a top line or even top six forward.

He proved under TM in Edmonton that with the right linemates and in the right situation he can produce (mostly preseason which is a joke, but he still scored).

Best thing for Rattie will be to ask to be packaged in whatever garbage Talbot trade PC makes and get out of oil country ASAP.

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