The Tom Wilson effect

Ever since the NHL reversed Tom Wilson’s BS 20 game suspension, the Caps have been rolling.

There’s actually no way to describe the effect of a player like Wilson, but I’ll try.

The Caps are 7-1 with him in the lineup this season.

He brings a certain energy to the game. Some coaches like to say the first 10 minutes of a game is the most important, and Wilson always comes out to play from the opening faceoff with his physical presence.

His intimidation factor is unmeasurable. Every single NHL player saw the hit last year that had Aston-Reece eating pudding for five months. Now guys are thinking twice before stepping in the way or “taking a hit to make a play” when freight train Tom is on the tracks.

Wilson’s offensive side usually gets shadowed because he does so much else for Wash, but don’t forget, this guy had 5-10-15 in 21 playoff games last year and he’s playing even better now. 6-6-12 in only eight games to start the season is putting the former Plymouth Whaler on a crazy pace.

Plus to finish it off, everyone who’s saying he’s an uncontrollable danger to the league who would never change is eating humble pie right now. Wilson is averaging more points per game than penalty minutes per game.

Ultimate power forwards are stupid rare, appreciate them while they’re still in the NHL.

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