Why does Winnipeg need a WHL team?

I’ll give you the straight and simple answer.

Because Cranbrook doesn’t.

The owners have no interest in being there, the fans aren’t around anymore and the town is a place players dread getting traded to.

Financial problems, low attendance and slowing sponsorship is not your typical key to success, but would Winnipeg be better?

They had a dub club from 67-77 and 80-84 with a pile of different names (now the Lethbridge Hurricanes) and now they have the Jets, Moose, Bison and a bunch of Junior A teams in the area. So do people care about the WHL more than the AHL? Do you want to watch a couple of super high-end talents vs a good portion of future NHLers? That’s what’s going to make the difference in this (potential) new dub team succeeding.

I’d love to see Brandon vs Winnipeg games, but I’m also a firm believer you can’t fake a rivalry. So if I’m guessing, this team might not be a roaring success and end up like a Chilliwack or similar.

One way it WILL succeed is if the Winnipeg Jets are fully behind this, ship out their AHL farm club , bring the WHL team in and promote the shit out it like the Oilers/Oil Kings and Flames/Hitmen do. Those are elite level major junior organizations in large cities, but to support more than two elite level hockey teams in a city like Winnipeg still seems like a long shot.

An official announcement is expected on Monday.


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