Canada barely gets by Denmark

Canada- 14 Denmark-0

I’ve been saying this for years. This should be an 8-team tournament.

Each year Canada plays one game whether it’s against Latvia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany or Denmark. It’s a waste, they’ll win by at least 7 and halfway through the game nobody’s even paying attention. Of course there’s the year where one of these teams becomes the Cinderella of the tournament and makes some noise (2015 Denmark when they had Nik Ehlers and Oliver Bjorkstrand) but those are an anomaly. Other than that, here’s what I thought of the game:

1. There is an underrated creativity amongst the Canadian forwards. Whether it’s Max Comtois, Cody Glass, Morgan Frost, Barrett Hayton or Owen Tippett. There’s lots of skill up front.

2. The defense move the puck well but I’d be worried about their shutdown ability. Hard to say though after a 14-0 win.

3. I’m still on the Ian Scott train but Mike Dipietro looked as good as he could, even stopping a penalty shot.

4. Martin Necas is the best player in the tournament

PHOTO – Getty Images

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