Canada squeaks past Switzerland

This should not have been a one goal game.

Canada barely got past the Swiss 3-2 in their second contest of the tournament.

Glass, Dobson and Entwistle all found the back of the net for Canada. The offence wasn’t effective and the powerplay was lacklustre to say the least.

Ian Scott’s massive glove save in the second period was clearly a turning point and the red & white woke up after that. Scott finished the night with 13 saves, wasn’t amazing, but did the job.

Bouchard looked really solid on the back end all night, and I’ve really been impressed with Mitchell’s battle factor. The penalty at the end was a bit of a gong show, but tough to kill a penalty when only two guys have twigs.

Wasn’t a fan of the reffing in that third period. Soft calls, dives and holds that went uncalled, just seemed unnecessary in a game against Switzerland.

On Saturday, Canada will face Necas, Kaut, Zadina and the Czechs.

Photo – Hockey Canada Twitter

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