KalPa wins the Spengler Cup

It took 65 minutes and 16 shooters.

KalPa is the 2018 Spengler Cup champion after defeating Team Canada 2-1 in a shootout.

Denis Godla (46/48) was outstanding to say the least. He stopped 68 of 70 in the tournament and made seven saves today in the shootout victory.

The KalPa youngsters shined bright as Alex Texier and Eetu Luostarinen (goal scorer) were phenomenal. Another key point was the crazy amount of ice time and rock solid play of former Colorado Avalanche Ryan Wilson on the blue line.

The Canadian’s powerplay did them no favours all week. Team Canada had three powerplays against KalPa that they didn’t even get a shot on. Daniel Winnik had the Canadians lone goal.

KalPa played a classic Finnish Liiga style with tight defence, only allowing four goals in four games.

End of the day, Godla outplayed Fucale.

It was an incredible final game and a great tournament. From Team Canada having a couple of hard battles with Nuremberg, to KalPa using Daniel Manzato, who’s a 34-year-old with only one win this season to beat HC Davos in the semis. The Spengler Cup has it all and is arguably one of the most fun tournaments of the year.

Of course, Davos fans were great hosts as always and the barn was packed night in and night out.

See you next year.

Photo credit – KalPa Twitter

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