Canada loses to Russia and draws Finland


Win and you play Slovakia, lose and you have a much tougher task against USA or Finland. Well the US beat Finland and that will be Canada’s Quarterfinal opponent.

To start off, anytime your Captain is diving around and embarrassing himself. You don’t deserve to win. Max Comtois dove for the 5th time in 4 games and you’d have to assume he’s getting a talking to from the Canadian staff.

Cody Glass opened the scoring and that was all Canada got. We’ve talked about the lack of firepower on this team and it was evident last night. Take out the Denmark 14-0 game and say it’s a reasonable 5-0 score, Canada would be 5th in scoring this tournament. Morgan Frost has 5/7 points against Denmark, Max Comtois has 5/6. Barrett Hayton hasn’t been good this tournament, wrote it in the last blog that he was selfish and that was evident on the 3 on 1 when he refused to pass. Brett Leason was Canada’s best player last night.

The defense hasn’t played great either, Ty Smith deserves to play more. Markus Phillips and Evan Bouchard looked poor on the winning goal by Pavel Shen.

The Russians are good. As we said on the podcast they don’t blow anyone out and don’t get blown out. The top line of Kratsov, Denisenko and Kostin dominated at times and were the best players on the ice.

Canada has now made it difficult on themselves. They’ll play Finland in the quarterfinals, a team they lost to in the pretournament.

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