Toronto’s best worst problem

Leafs fans are as delusional as they come, but chasing your second best defenceman out of town seems like an Oilers fan move.

Jake Gardiner is a high risk, high rewards d man, I get it. He’s no Zdeno Chara or Shea Weber and he certainly isn’t Erik Karlsson, but he’s surely not a guy you want to play against. The guys got 95 points in the last two seasons and is looking like he’ll hit 50 again this year.

Toronto fans trying to blame last year’s -5 performance in playoffs against the Bruins for their hate of Gardiner are insane. Yes he had a brutal game, but how was the rest of the team? Everyone has an off night and sometimes a terribly pathetic night.

Gardiner has so many upsides, that if you can’t accept he’s going to toss a muffin once in a while or get caught going north when he should be headed south, you probably deserve to have a losing team.

High risk, high reward is exactly how the NHL is going. I get that Dubas will have trouble resigning Gardiner no matter what, but that’s no reason to pack his bags early.

If the Leafs want a chance at making a playoff run, they’ll need solid defence and d men who can contribute offensively, as every other cup champion and contender gets.

Photo credit: Tom Szczerbowski USA Today Sports

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