GM Hotseat: Who’s next?

This week finally saw the firing of Peter Chiarelli.

I can still hear Oilers fans cheering in the streets. He was so bad for that organization and did very little for them. His track record in Boston wasn’t good either, aside from fleecing another bad GM for a 2nd overall pick and a top 10 pick for a guy who now has two cups. Oilers fans deserve better, sure they had it great with Gretzky, but let’s be honest how does an organization butcher drafting, trading, and literally everything else? I feel for you Oilers fans, if you want to know who could be up for that job, check out our article here

So who should go first? We could probably look at any of the teams and decide that anyone of them could go, but it’s not quite easy there. A name that makes increasing sense here is Ken Holland in Detroit. He has been with them for a very long time and two years ago saw their playoff streak finally come to an end. Now, their current team isn’t very good but they have pieces coming. The Redwings defeated the Oilers to go into the All Star break on a win (and taking the job away from Chia). They definitely need new blood in the org as Holland has been there for a long time and they could use the turnover. Especially considering Yzerman’s contract with Tampa ending this year, expect Holland to go sooner rather than later.

The next GM that could be going is Rob Blake in LA. LA has been in and out of the basement of the league with no end in sight. It’s not that he’s been making poor moves, but more so that he hasn’t really done anything to help their situation at all. His last big move was for Dion Phaneuf and Nate Thompson, and moving for two players over 30 in a time where you’re not getting any younger probably was not the best move. Blake is mostly a stagnant GM from his move history, he was able to lock up Doughty which is good. The Kovalchuk signing made very little sense and still doesn’t especially when the coach and GM aren’t on the same page with him playing in the bottom half of the lineup usually.

A GM that could be on the block is Dale Tallon, a man who could lose his job because of a team that is vastly under performing. I like some of his moves, trading for Hoffman at low value is smart. Unloading Alex Petrovic is another smart move. But he also traded Rielly Smith to guarantee that Vegas would take Marchessault and not Petrovic and my god that was a bad move. He’s streaky, hot and cold with his moves, but it looks like he is trying to improve his team and on paper their team should be much better than it is now. This one is one to keep an eye on for sure.

One that will not happen, but probably should is Pierre Dorion of the Ottawa Senators. His moves are honestly hit or miss and mostly miss. Sens fans are still gutted about losing King Karl as they should be. But that move was driven by the divide between ownership and Karlsson. The Hoffman move was a case of having no leverage in a bad situation and apparently not wanting to trade a player inside of their division. But there are moves that can point to some good, the Brassard trade has been good so far. And his drafting track record is good as well. But Melnyk has his own agenda and Dorion is a yes man that will do it to keep a GM job in the league.

Who do you think is on the way out next?

Photo Credit: J Pat Carter/ AP

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