WHR Scouting Report: Alexandar Georgiev

A 23-year-old Bulgarian??? goaltender is taking the NHL by storm this season.

Well, okay, he’s also Russian, but Alexandar Georgiev is a future NHL star in the making. He’s really emerged as one of the leagues elite young backups and has given New York Rangers fans something to look forward to in the future.

After watching him recently, it’s pretty clear that he’s ready for the big league. After tearing up the top Finnish league, then bouncing around in the minors and pros for the past couple of seasons, Georgiev is 100 per cent the future of the NYR.

Once Hank hangs up the skates, this kid is going to take over, and here’s why:

At 6’1, Georgiev does look smaller in the net (ei: Johnny Quick), but he moves like the wind. There’s not many goalies in the league who can go post to post like him and that’s a massive necessity in today’s NHL. His battle factor is NHL elite. When you need your tendy to be your best penalty killer, Georgiev has that ability. Him getting beat on clean shots now is something that will get fixed with more experience and without a doubt, I think the Rangers have found their next number one guy.


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