Alex DeBrincat close to passing Hull, Roenick and Larmer

Imagine thinking a kid with the skill of Alex DeBrincat was too small.

DeBrincat is absolutely lighting up the NHL on an old slow team this year. He’s got 38 goals and 69 points in 70 games, but that’s not even the most impressive part.

The former Erie Otter never had less than 100 points in a season in the OHL…….. he’s a phenomenal talent and it’s getting recognized. Before the age of 22, DeBrincat has scored 38 goals. In Chicago Blackhawks history,  the only players with more goals (right now) are Bobby Hull (39), Jeremy Roenick (41) and Steve Larmer (43).

Keep in mind his birthday is in December, so congrats Alex DeBrincat on being the most accomplished goal scorer in Blackhawks history before the age of 22. This kid is a gamer and will be giving goalies nightmares for years to come.


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