46-year-old who hasn’t played in two decades scores in FHL game

Sick league right? But actually… how can you call yourself pro hockey with this happening.

Mark Deazeley, 46, came out of retirement after not playing a pro game since 1999 (yes you read that right), to scoring a goal for the Mentor Ice Breakers of the Federal Hockey League.

Now I don’t want to take away from the incredible feat of coming out of retirement 20 years later, but what does that say about the quality of the league…. I’ll let you decide that.

None the less, at least this means the league found refs after one of the owners tried to toss fists with a zebra earlier in the year.

So if you’re in the Mentor area (or if you know where that even is), I would recommend checking out a game if the season isn’t over yet.

Side note, is this the first year in awhile that the Fed hasn’t had a team fold mid season or forfeit games due to lack of players? If so, congrats!

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